World Fish Migration Day 2014

Connected by a common purpose, and sharing ideas and lessons across the world.


24th of May 2014


The World Fish Migration Day 2014 calls attention to restore the connections worldwide between rivers and the sea to create safe migration routes for fish. Free migration of fish is necessary to achieve healthy fish stocks and productive rivers. Many species, like salmon, trout, dorado, shad, giant catfish, lamprey, sturgeon and eel, migrate between the sea and the rivers. These species are particularly threatened by barriers such as weirs, dams and sluices, built for water management, hydropower and land drainage. In many places globally, like the Mekong River, people rely on migratory fish as their primary source of protein. Water and resource managers around the world are striving to find ways to improve migration possibilities for fish in and out of rivers, and deltas and the oceans, all of which they need to survive. For more information on international fish migration and best practices see



The concept

World Fish Migration Day has been developed to improve the publics understanding of migratory fish and their needs. Raising awareness, sharing ideas, helping develop commitments and building communities around different basins around the world are essential aspects of fish passage and river restoration issues. We are connected by a common purpose and are already sharing ideas and lessons across the world. 


On World Fish Migration Day 2014, we will connect through celebrations and (field) eventsthat start in New Zealand, and follow the sun around the world and end as the sun sets on the west coast of North America. We already have found more than 35 locations worldwide that can be visited. We are still looking for other organizations that want to join us. With all these events we will show and educate citizens around the world about the importance of fish migration and healthy rivers. We will also highlight all projects through the website, social media and media to draw attention to our purpose. 



How do we work?

Participating organizations will organize their own event and arrange their own outreach communication under the umbrella of the World Fish Migration Day. The organizating hub is Wanningen Water Consult & LINKit Consult partnering with WWF, The Nature Conservancy and the IUCN/Wetland International - Freshwater Fish Specialist Group. This partnership will take care of the central coordination, will develop and maintain the main website where events are posted and organize the communication and publicity worldwide by collaborating with worldwide organizations like IUCN  and other existing networks.  The web address of our central website is

You can contact WWC if you are interested to participate or need more information.