Guidance From sea to source

In september 2012 the guidance "From sea to source" was presented and published worldwide. This guidance gives practical guidelines for restoring fish migration routes. It is supported by international sponsors like WWF, American Rivers, Worldfish, NIWA (New Zealand),  companies and water authorities. We have worked with 4 main authors and over 100 co-authors. Presentations on the outcomes of the guidance are given at international fish passage and river restoration conferences. Up to now we have been to the USA, Austria, Brazil, Sweden and the UK. We are currently planning trips to Russia and China to give presentations at fish passage workshops.


The first guidance was published in 2006 as an European guidance. In 2011 this version was translated into Chinese and presented at the Yanthze River Forum. We hope to built on this success and have plans for a new international book on dam removal best practices. We will start with the production in the fall of 2013.  

More information and free download of the international guidance.